How we work

How We Work


Vrrittih Job Consultancy is our service that caters to “glocal” clients i.e. global as well as local clients. With currently serving a large pool of clients to find the correct candidate we also cater to the needs of various candidates who are eagerly seeking the correct jobs for themselves. We provide manpower to our clients for all the levels of management. Sectors like cement, pharmacy, electronics, FMCG are few to be named whom we offer our services to. So, how do we do this?


For the job seekers
Candidates can submit your updated resume through a simple email address stating all necessary details like the industry or sector you wish to apply in.


Having duly received your email, candidates are contacted personally to know more about their preferences and choices.


After that, a primary evaluation and screening is done from our end to match the client and candidate requirements. Our team comprises of experienced professional panel that caters to the need of the candidates and matching it with the client needs.


We have well built relations with corporate professionals across the global as well as in India for candidates who have certain preferences for particular locations.


For the fresher job seekers, we make sure that they get the start up job of their career with recognized organizations, and we are committed to help them achieve the same.


For the Employers
We have a wide range of free as well as paid up services for job listings. Job employers, consultants, and companies can all gain access to these services.


We are always keen on providing the employers an access to candidate database that is pre-filtered to the employers need. For this same task it is our team recruitment specialists that screen the CV’s and resumes serving our clients need.


We have a standard procedure to obtain the best pool of candidates from the market.


Through our years of experience in this field, we have maintained a large database of candidates of both fresher and experienced regimes.


Our precious clients are attended to and it is our panel that understands the crux of our client’s requirements and fulfills it.


We conduct thorough back ground check of the candidates to avoid the risk of hiring the wrong person for a potential job.


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